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Aphasia is a medical condition characterized by either partial or total loss of the ability to communicate verbally or by using written words.  A person with aphasia may have difficulty speaking, reading, writing, recognizing the names of objects, communicating numbers or understanding what other people have said. Aphasia is caused by a brain injury, as may occur during a traumatic accident or when the brain is deprived of oxygen during a stroke.

By Line Credit:  B.J.  (His practice of law for 31 years was interrupted by a stroke.  His love of baseball continues.)
By Line Credit:  Braindead 
(A commercial trucker for 20 years.  A stroke forced an early retirement.)
By Line Credit:  Chispa  (Commercial artist for 19 years.  A stroke forced him into early retirement.)
By Chispa 10/18/2010

New Ways to Lose

I watching baseball for many years I.  The watch more the more I see many different ways lose possibility of it.  More words describe it too:  There are ways different to lose.  Some old ways.  Ways are new developed.  "Come out and see my Amazin' Mets.  I been in the game a hundred years but I see new ways to lose I never knew existed before."   CASEY STENGEL.  Art too like baseball yet.  Many different ways.  Art is beholding an eye.  Baseball can be Art.  Baseball though old it new can seem.  Watch the playoffs because you the losing will see.

By Braindead 10/14/2010

Pitching V. Hitting

Today more ever more yesterday or times or before pitching always beat over hitting good.  Now in latest months this season of 2010 it proves.  Many good pitchers.  Hitting statistics down.  Powerful pitching is proving the point.  However,  good asking question is:  Less steroids in game because them hitters not hitting well?  Maybe bat speeds less in strike zone they.  Not everyone looking like Jose Canseco or Mark McGwire.  No steroids in games would give always to them pitchers bigger advantange.  Round ball hard hit to them using round bat.  Game better because this of.  

By Chispa 9/27/2010

Baseball Is Art

This season of post good.  Baseball post season good always.  Art takes times.  Baseball takes time.  Time comes to be art with patience.  Many say, "Baseball...boring".  No I say.  Baseball fine art.


By Braindead 9/27/2010

Walk-Off's = Chemistry

Walk-off Hr's good for everything.  Boston victim again in biggest rivalry baseball.  Yanks all but do to want illimate Boston from post season for play in 2010.  Walk-off's like chemistry bubble and burn team playing better.  Walk-offs fuel to build chemistry.  Chemistry is sometimes explosion.  Walk-Off's are explosion always.


By Braindead 9/20/2010

The World's Biggest Discriminator

Car manufacturers.  They still allow only right foot for gas.  What be left footers do?  Do leftys have right same as right do for foot?  I not say sure for it.  So question begs me.  Baseball discriminate?  Now they do.  Cheaters with HGH given breaks others not.  What happens future Maris record?  Single season wrecked for HR's.  Maris is my vote still I know. 


By Braindead 9/13/2010

Luckiest Pitcher in Baseball for 2010

Sabathia is now for Yankees luckiest pitcher baseball year in 2010.  Why?  He support high.  Yankees hit and run good.  C.C. could lose but win on many those walk-offs.  HR's timely etc.  Question?  Year of picture?  Certainly.  Year of luckiest picture?  Certainly.  C.C.  Sabathia.  He's the vote I throw.


By Braindead 8/30/2010

Nova in Spanish = No Go

Rookie Ivan Nova throws game beautiful.  Win 1st league big league game of first opportunity.  But MLB investigates him now as minor-leaguer.  Reports now arrive and surface to some by others and knows him.  Allegations of injecting self and teammate former by B-12 shots.  "MLB wants to make certain the shots were in fact B-12"  Associated Press / August 30, 2010.  Simply I state that no va is no go.  Change name in last place to another.  Nova never mean good name most often in Spanish.

By Braindead 8/27/2010


Roger is a dodger truth of certain.  liars to Congress pay price they afford not.  Clemens headed possibly to jail stay.  If he lies he lies.  If caught by legal others then way of jail is high possible.  He was a good pitcher.  But good by drugs?  Maybe so.  Famous quote:  "Liar, Liar pants on fire".  He need learned that lesson when a boy.  Too bad he learn lesson now.

By Braindead 8/5/2010


A-ROID hits 600.  Only 7 hits them to 600.  Bonds*, Aaron, Ruth, Mays, Griffey, Sosa*, Rodriquez*.  Three of seven linked them by use part in steroids.  Cheaters they are.  True order by following:  Aaron 755, Ruth 714, Mays 660, Griffey 630.  Others to head in HOF of steroid users.  True HOF they never going.  Baseball writers keep clean HOF and that is true and just.  Numbers backed by drugs = UNFAIR.


By Braindead 7/31/2010


    Good.  Bad.  Ugly.  Stellar.  Words describe players' name.  Sometimes have they one.  Sometimes they get some by news comentators.  Ty Cobb named as player dirty.  Hank Aaron good reputation.  A-Rod = A-Fraud.  Jetter = Great.  Some players linked them by HGH and chemicals and drugs.  Other players clean.  
    Lew Burdette said: "Any kind of reputation if it's mean is not bad to have in baseball." 
I use words, words used by all to call players and teams.  Yankees = Champions.  Cubs = Losers.  Bonds, McGuire, Sosa = Cheaters, not HOF never.  


By Braindead 7/25/2010

Little League Baseball Is Full Of Politics.  Professional Ball Is Too!

Little League was good times.  I ruled my position did I.  But high school was different.  Politics parents ran me trouble.  I cried one game and people called out baby.  Coaches mean.  Parents too!  Pros money players can cry but say things stupid and coaches say more hurt.  "Play Me Or Trade Me", wrote one player first base dirt one game 1970's.  

By Braindead 7/18/2010

Home Run Hitters Drive Cadillacs

I Love baseball but played basketball better.  Got scholarship to play basketball.  Each day free throws at gym.  Old record 15 row.  23 new record stands for me.  Bet could win free throw contest regular against them.
  "Home Run Hitters Drive Cadillacs"  Ralph Kiner.  Father one had but I never drive. He trust me never.

By B.J. 7/18/2010

Ninth Aphasia Writer

Prior I had stroke and aphasia I had a lawyer job at visit Kansas City on August 1980.  I eat a lunch at restaurant and seeing George Brett had walked restaurant and eaten lunch.  Brett had average bat at about .395.  Not anyone talked and had not sign autograph him. 
I had read a magazine about eleven years:  "When a reporter asked George Brett what he wanted to do in his last at bat, he said, 'I want to hit a routine grounder to second and run all out to first base, then get thrown out by half a step. I want to leave an example to the young guys that that's how you play the game: all out.'"
Mike Huchabbe are retired a presidential campaign in 2008.  "Real Clear Politicals write March 4, 2008 MIKE HUCKABEE said:
"Well, George Brett was one of the greatest baseball players of all time. And in his career for the Kansas City Royals, he was asked, when he was nearing the end of his career, how he wanted his last play in the major leagues to go. Well, everyone assumed that he would say that he wanted to hit a grand slam in the bottom of the ninth to win a game, perhaps even a World Series. He surprised all of the sportswriters, because what he said was, "I want my last play at bat to be that I hit an easy, just one bounce to the second baseman, and they throw me out at first. But I was running as hard as I could toward the bag when they got me."
"They were of eternal importance, like baseball or the Republican."  Babbitt, Sinclair Lewis.

I am retired aphasia writer.  How Braindead is now writer a successor?

By B.J. 7/03/2010

Eighth Aphasia Writer

                Prior I had stroke and aphasia, lawyers gave me two tickets to Los Angeles Dodgers on July 3, 1978.  My wife and I drive a  parking lot and was hot.  One car had burn exploded engine and everyone drive around a burned car to look parking spot.  After the end of game LA Dodgers had fireworks.  But prior fireworks a many youth boys raced an infield and slid second base.  After I had stroke a not run and not slid.
                "All relations and immediate friends are well informed that I desire to be buried in my baseball suit, and wrapped in the original flag of the old Knickerbockers of 1845, now festooned over my bureau."  James Whyte Davis, Baseball, Ward and Burns (p. 5).

By B.J.  6/27/2010

Seventh Aphasia Writer

    I am an aphasia and not write.  "The person may not be able to come up with the word s/he wants to write.  Or s/he may not able to organize a written sentence."  aphasia, Cynthia L. Jones and Janis S. Lorman (2003).  
    Prior I had a stroke and aphasia I was good writer, but I was not excellent writer, and I was a good writer.  I after stroke and aphasia I am write not well, not good, and not average and not poor, and I write terrible.  I written not grammar, preposition, verbs, noun, conjunction, adverbs, and adjective.  I am frustrated I not write right now.   "It is pretty crude literature for a man accustomed to handling a pen; still, as a panorama of the emotions sent weltering through this noted visitor's breast by the aspect and traditions of the 'great common sewer' it has a value."  Life on the Mississippi, Mark Twain (p. 168)   "[Baseball] breaks your heart.  It is designed to break your heart."  The Green Fields of the Mind,  A. Bartlett Giamatti.   Aphasia breaks my heart. 
By B.J.  6/13/2010

Sixth Aphasia Writer

   I had stroke.  After stroke I not threw ball my right hand and arm.  After stroke I caught ball a glove left hand.  Prior stroke, about 40 years, I had high school average baseball player.  About eleven years my family went to Las Vegas Stars baseball game.  We had sit about tenth row centered home plate, a back net.  Graig Nettles an scout sat an sixth row lowered along the home plate.  The baseball fouled caromed and Graig Nettles back stab a left bare hand, and extraordinary catch.  I call my two daughters and wife sent to Graig Nettles and asked him by handshakes.  He was handshaking my girls and wife.  He did not writing baseball ball by old men asked he signed.

"Played right, baseball looks like the easiest game in the world."  Hard Lines, Roger Angell, Baseball, Geoffrey C. Ward and Ken Burns.
By B.J.  6/01/2010

Fifth Aphasia Writer

    James T. write:  "I've never heard of anyone with a stroke playing any sport professionally. . . . There is one peculiar case that is documented of a very strange occurance where a pitcher was hurt in an off season hunting accident and returned to the game. But that was no stroke. "  Rebecca write:  "Stroke victims playing ball. I don't think so. I'd Have BJ do some research on it. Can't imagine it."  Lazerarn55 write: "I don't know about strokes. But if you can lose your speech. Can you lose your site? Go Blind? Have you ever heard of someone going blind after a stroke?"  Hill write:  " Just read BJ's article. Do you think there has been any player that has suffered a severe stroke that has gone on to continue to play baseball? I'm thinking not in the modern era but what about back in the late 1800's may be in the early 1900's."

    I read internet and read book had strokes. 
    James Rodney Richard "On July 30, 1980, Richard suffered a stroke and collapsed while playing a game of catch before an Astros game, and was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery to remove a life-threatening blood clot in his neck. His condition brought a sudden end to his major league career at the age of 30.  His 313 strikeouts in 1979 remain an Astros franchise record, and he held the team's record for career strikeouts (1,493) until 1987.   In 1981, Richard attempted a comeback with the Astros, but this failed because the stroke had slowed down his reaction time and weakened his depth perception. He spent the next few seasons in the minor leagues before being released by the Astros in 1984."  Wikipedia
    Ted Williams on February 19, 1994 "suffered a stroke that could have killed him.  His life had been changed forever."  Ted Williams, Leigh Montville (p. 373)  "This third stroke was a very different business from the previous two.  Now he was missing 75 percent of his vision."  (p. 375).

    In 2006, Kirby Puckett suffered a stroke at his home in Arizona. He died the next day. At the age of 45, Puckett became the second youngest retired player in the Baseball Hall of Fame to die, Lou Gehrig being the youngest (37).  Wikipedia

    Harry Caray illness and age began to drain some of Caray's skills, even in spite of a remarkable recovery from a 1987 stroke.  was an American baseball broadcaster on radio and television. He covered four Major League Baseball teams, beginning with a long tenure calling the games of the St. Louis Cardinals, then the Oakland Athletics (for one year) and the Chicago White Sox (for eleven years), before ending his career as the announcer for the Chicago Cubs.  Wikipedia

    Someone wrote wrong a baseball player.
By B.J.  5/29/2010

Fourth Aphasia Writer

             I am read internet:  "NBC News and news services updated 10:34 a.m. PT, Tues., May 18, 2010 -               DOVER, Del. - Vice President Joe Biden's son is on his way home from the hospital a week after what doctors said was a mild stroke.  Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden was released from Thomas Jefferson University Hospital in Philadelphia early Tuesday afternoon.
             I am pleased to report that the results of his final discharge general and neurological exam find his neurological status perfect in all arenas including motor skills, language function, and cognitive assessment," said Biden's doctor, Dr. Robert Rosenwasser of Jefferson Hospital for Neuroscience. '
            In August 2005 I had stroke, but my neurological status not perfect, not language function.  My wife driven me at hospital.  I sleep three days I am drug morphine.  My wife heard Doctor say what I have surgery and dissect a carotid artery, and exceptional surgery.  Doctor say wife for me 90% died.  Doctor completed surgery, I am live.
            The hospital doctor rehabilitation manger writes  "global aphasia to barriers to progress."  The hospital speech therapist wrote nurses notes I am unable to "participate 2° exp and rec aphasia."  The therapist wrote I unable to follow command or verbalizes, severe receptive and expressive aphasia, I am not able to participate in treatment and  poor rehabilitation.  The Hospital radiologist seen CT and wrote a notes my left brain a development of large territory edema.   I saw CT picture and how my one-half a left brain died.
             I am not heard what number and names.   My wife not heard my talk.  Our frustrated.   A smart man writes:  "Whoever wants to know the heart and mind of American had better learn baseball . . . ."  God's Country and Mine, Jacques Barzun (ch. 8).  So at least Yogi Berra say:  "In baseball, you don't know nothing."  Bartlett's Familiar Quotations.
By B.J.  5/22/2010

Third Aphasia Writer  
                In June, 2007, after about two years I had stroke and aphasia,  two brothers-in-law and sons and sons-in-law had invited me to fly New York City and saw Mets and Yankees.  One son early fly,  and all fly after, but the rained day on 20 hours toward New York City. 
                It rained out cancelled Mets, but the after  day beautiful at Yankee Stadium.  All subway to New Yankee Stadium (old) had marvelous.  Yankees won.   Jeter was extraordinarily dug a ball at threw at an out.  Alex Rodriguez drive two doubles at straight an level middle left wall (Rodriguez years later he had admitted steroids).
                Breakfast, lunch and Yankee Stadium eatery I had not talk, I points at I saw food and but brother-in-law and his son called restaurant some I had food.  After all walked and talked baseball, one a brother-in-law have limousine and drive all to the airport.  I alone at fast food about airport to service woman I talked a stroke and aphasia and I talked not and I pointed a menu.   I had eaten chocolate ice cream cone.
                James T. write baseball chemistry.  I had a stroke a writer of baseball chemistry.   I am favorite of Maddux, Koufax, Mantle and Cobb all former players.
                Aphasia, baseball and their family, about  I write five words, (my wife say me), "What a life, good times."   I read a book, a good writer Walt Whitman write a paragraph:   "I see great things in baseball. It's our game - the American game.  It will take our people out-of-doors, fill them with oxygen, give them a larger physical stoicism.  Tend to relieve us from being a nervous, dyspeptic set.  Repair these losses, and be a blessing to us."  Walt Whitman, 1846, Baseball, Geoffrey C. Ward and Ken Burns.

By B.J.  5/15/2010

Second Aphasia Writer 

    Aphasia defined Broca's (non-fluent or expressive) speaking in short, meaningful phrases and Wernicke's (fluent or receptive) speaking in long sentences that no meaning or made up words.  Broca’s area since Paul Pierre Broca reported impairments in two patients about 1861.   Wernicke's area is named after Carl Wernicke, a German neurologist and psychiatrist who, in 1874.  

     After stroke and aphasia I talked ordinary talk not well.   I am fast talking, as Wernicke, I say "goestogesse."   I say slowly, as Broca, I say a word be "nose" or "neck."

     After stroke one month I say five words.   My wife helped I talked, but after stroke one year I say  100 words, 2 years I say 200 words, 3 years I say 500 words, and at about 5 years I say 1000 words, about one syllable.    After 1 year after stroke I say vowel, a, e, i, o and u.  After about 5 years  but I not say alphabet complete.  I say "a" until "h" and "x" until "z."  I not say middle alphabet.   Almost after 1 month stroke and aphasia, I talked single word, "baseball."
By  B.J.  5/5/2010

First Aphasia Writer 

    A group came stroke and aphasia and care people.  Someone said number of people say aphasia people are dumb.  Someone people has aphasia is smart as most talking politician, broadcasters, entertainers, television shows talking people.  Give us a rest people talking aphasia are dumb.
    Aphasia are not talking well and writing not well.  Someone aphasia not reading well and listening not well.  Most aphasia we are smart as baseball read, talking and seen players on diamonds.  ""No rest for the wicked curve.'"  Wicked Curve, John C. Skipper (p. 180)